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Gemma & Matthew's worldwide adventures

I started booking holidays for Gemma and Matthew in 2015. They are a pleasure to work with and have a passion for travel akin with my own. They've had some amazing adventures and I can't wait until they start exploring the world with their family.


We cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. She plans our 'once in a lifetime' trips around the world including Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Peru, India, Japan, Jordan and The Gambia. They have all been spectacular.

Each trip has been tailored to our exact requirements.

In Peru we only had 2 weeks but we wanted to hike some of the Inca trails, so Sarah planned an itinerary where we could hike a beautiful and less touristy section of the trail in a day.

In Japan she put together an amazing self guided package with all the information and tickets we needed, but we had the freedom to travel at our own pace and on our budget.

She also arranges multi stay destinations for us via Singapore and Hong Kong to break up international journeys and allow us to explore even more of the world.

The experiences that she has given us need careful planning and years of expertise to put together - they're not something you can just pull of a shelf! And when every day is exactly tailored for you, that's when you get real value for money.

Another reason to book with a person you can trust is that travel is complex and doesn't always go to plan. We witnessed this when we were caught in the 2018 earthquakes in Indonesia. Before we even realised our travel plans were up in the air, Sarah was on the phone to give us options for rebooking flights and accommodation at no extra cost to us. We could relax knowing we were in safe hands. We have highly recommended her to numerous friends and family.

We can't wait to see what Sarah comes up with for our adventures now we have a family!


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