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"Sarah genuinely cares about our customer experience" - Helen & Jonathan

Sarah first arranged a holiday for us back in 2015 when we wanted a multi-trip holiday in the US and to Canada. Since then, we have also been to Mexico and Thailand, and all three holidays were fantastic and memorable; perfectly tailored for us by Sarah.​

Before Covid hit, Sarah organised a holiday to Borneo, Malaysia and Singapore for us. This was postponed twice and therefore diligently rearranged twice by Sarah. We've now had to change it completely and she's booked Sri Lanka for us instead.

Her patience and professionalism throughout such a difficult time for the travel industry has been truly admirable.​

For all our holidays, Sarah has been extremely customer-focused and genuinely cared about our customer experience. She is always quick to respond and will spend as much time as is needed to speak over the phone. She is very knowledgeable and so is able to quickly respond to queries about locations or travel in general. She takes the time to understand exact requirements; and because we have used Sarah for a number of holidays, we now know that all the hotels she recommends for us will be exactly what we're looking for.​

When we went to Mexico, our flight was delayed by 24 hours (circumstances outside of all our control). I rang Sarah from the airport early on a Sunday morning as we were getting very few details from the airline and Sarah went above and beyond to do all she could to help.​

I am more than happy to recommend Sarah for the excellent customer service she provides.​

Helen and Jonathan White


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