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Client Blog: Donna & Mark head to Jamaica during the pandemic

Travel is back!!! Or it's at least much better and easier than it was. Understandably many people are still feeling quite anxious about booking and going on a holiday though so I'm starting a series of blogs and posts about my clients who are going for it, taking the tests, getting on that plane and making memories again.

Overwhelmingly feedback is positive like this review from Donna and Mark who spent two glorious weeks in the Jamaican sunshine before Christmas. Even a Saturday night government announcement didn't spoil it!


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your support up to and during our holiday in Jamaica.

In 2019 we booked with you for our trip to America and had an amazing holiday. We booked with you again in 2020 to go back to America. When BOOM the pandemic hit and I have never been as glad to have you looking after us. No stress, no fuss or complications and all our money refunded without anything other than our communication with you.

So 2021 and a big anniversary coming up. Everything still up in the air with travel so we again contact you. We talk through the ever changing restrictions, which as always you were absolutely up to date with and we were also talking about it always being a risk travelling during a pandemic. So everything taken on board and we book Jamaica for October. As we got nearer to departure you advised of the impending changes and as always you were on the ball.

Two weeks before our date to fly the flights got cancelled. A quick phone conversation with you and the holiday rebooked for November. As always we went through the fact that things could still change and were we still happy to go? Yes was the answer.

On November 25th we flew to Jamaica and yes the restrictions did change twice while we were out there, but this is the beauty of booking with Sarah. Each time anything changed Sarah was on WhatsApp with a message to us to make sure we knew and provided any help we needed to sort everything out. Sarah was so on the ball with the information it took any of the stress out and made it a lot easier for us. The last change was the fit to fly to come home. Sarah got a message to us on the Saturday night and Sunday morning I had our tests booked at the hotel. To give this context, the other people in our hotel that booked the holiday themselves didn’t get the information through until the Monday.

We had an amazing holiday and getting out of the UK also highlights the bubble our country seems to be in.

Would I travel in a pandemic again yes I would. Would I do it without Sarah absolutely not.

Thank you Sarah for all your help and support during our holiday and look forward to booking with you again.

Donna & Mark


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